About Us

Co-chair Sarah Adler, State Director, Rural Development, (775) 887-1222 Ext.103
Co-chair Doug Martin, District Manager, Nevada Tahoe Conservation District, (775) 586-1610 Ext. 22.

The Nevada Pinyon-Juniper Partnership began to take shape at a meeting called to brief USDA Rural Development leadership on potential energy development opportunities in Nevada. Rapidly it has become apparent that the risks to woodland and habitat health, the risk of catastrophic fire and insect infestation, and the adverse impacts of Phase III Pinyon Juniper encroachment on wildlife, such as mule deer and sage grouse, can be better addressed if financial contributions of utilization of the biomass that results from landscape scale treatment can be added to the system.

April 25, 2010 - initial vision and invitation - Initial description of the vision of Pinyon Juniper woodlands as at the hub of a wheel with spokes of woodland health and habitat needs, fire risk, environmental cautions, connections to agriculture, renewable energy, other commercial utilization. 

May 13, 2010 Scoping Meeting – purpose, agenda, and report - 50+ individuals from all six spokes gathered in Ely to assess whether forces should be joined to support formation of a demonstration project in Eastern Nevada that would attack needs and opportunities at a landscape scale. Answer: a resounding Yes.

Industry and agency specialists met to identify key resource factors to be considered in developing a utilization strategy. In addition, obstacles, barriers and opportunities to be faced in approaching landscape scale treatments were identified.

Oct. 14 2010 – The Pinyon Juniper Partnership hosted a meeting with representatives from Conservation, Ecology and  Cultural Resources with video-teleconferencing statewide. The goal was to seek input from conservation, cultural, and ecology groups regarding their concerns about utilization being one of the tools applied as part of the treatment in PJ resource woodlands.(Oct.14listoflocations) (PJOct14notes)

December 8 & 9, 2010 - Pinyon-Juniper Restoration and Utilization Summit -  More than 170 people from Nevada; Washington, D.C.; and surrounding states attended the Summit, far exceeding expectations.  Please visit the Summit section of this website for details and conference presentations.

January and February 2011 – Meetings were held between Partnership leaders and state leaders of Bureau of Land Management and the Humboldt-Toiyabe Forest.  All participants in the Nevada Pinyon-Juniper Partnership, via the email list, were invited to self-select onto one or more of three program tracks:  Resource Restoration, Science & Monitoring, and Utilization.  As a result, the Resource Restoration track has 47 members, 30 are working in Science & Monitoring, and 37 have self-selected for the Utilization track.  The attached schematic displays the functions of each program track and the way they inter-relate as “three legs of a stool”.  Each of the groups has met via video-teleconference, and dialogue has continued among the range of viewpoints and ideas represented. In addition, smaller Legislation and Fundraising subcommittees have also formed to take leadership in these two areas.

March 2011 – Program Tracks and subcommittees are active.  Please see the attached update.

The Steering Committee, representing the three tracks and two subcommittees, as well as key organizations and disciplines, remains active, meeting bi-monthly.