Pinyon Juniper Partnership

The Nevada Pinyon-Juniper Partnership (Partnership) was formed in April of 2010 to address how the ever increasing densities of Pinyon-Juniper (PJ) woodlands in Nevada affect a multitude of resources.  Currently, one quarter of Nevada’s landscape is PJ woodlands. Research indicates that over 100,000 acres of PJ forest is converted from Phase II to Phase III (highest density) annually, with devastating impacts.  While Phase III is the area of highest density, Phase II treatment is actually more cost effective. Overall there is a great need for treatment across the landscape. Forest health is adversely affected with increased fire cycles, disease and insect infestations, wildlife diversity is negatively impacted when shrubs and forbes are crowded out from dense stands of PJ, watersheds and erosion are affected by fire, and rural economies suffer when the landscape is less productive.

The goal of the Partnership is for the ecological risks to be addressed by landscape level restoration, with utilization of the resulting biomass as an additional beneficial outcome.

The effort is being directed by a Steering Committee with representatives from all sectors, including conservation, environment, utilization, local government, agriculture, and project management.  The Steering Committee meets approximately bi-monthly and has responsibility for project direction and preparation for the Pinyon Juniper Summit.  Membership is open to those willing to play a more active role.

Member participation is from a wide spectrum of interests including land management agencies, wildlife agencies, local planning and economic development interests, ranchers and farmers, renewable energy groups, environmental and conservation groups, tribal interests and private interests. Anyone interested in participating can contact Jenny Taylor to request to be added to the mailing list and receive meeting notices.

The Pinyon Juniper White Paper provides background on the need for the Pinyon Juniper Partnership, and the group's goals and objectives regarding a demonstration project in Nevada.